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A design team under the direction of Chybik + Kristof has won the international competition to design a new administrative center for the Czech Forestry Commission in Hradec Králové. The project focuses on a symbiotic relationship between the building and the adjacent forest, where the natural landscape outside begins to mingle with the office spaces within. Ondřej Chybík, a founding partner of Chybik+Kristof, explains that the inspiration for the design came from their initial site visit, where they explored the adjacent Hradec forest after visiting the current headquarters of the Forestry Commission. They noticed a stark difference between the hot indoor offices and the cool environment of the forest, which led to their design philosophy of creating a space where the workplace relates to and is reminiscent of the forest in which it sits. “What we sought to do was create a transparent, yet intimate and highly presentable working space. Having this concept in mind, we opted for a radial office layout relying on a central courtyard from which the building penetrates the wooded areas and the wooded areas penetrate the building,” he says. View more View full description
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