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White pavilionBuilding a house in a rural housing complex means meeting with nature and escaping from an apartment. So the meeting situation with nature becomes a clue to design for this project. In order to make the contact space with nature as a potential space, we created a pavilion space in the connection or extension of the outside and the inside. This space establishes iternal and external relations. You can go inside or outside through this space. This house can be perceived as a pavilion made of louvers from any direction, and this pavilion is both a space and a form. The contact points of nature and architecture are made into the pavilion space, which reveals the thin lines of white louver and the depth between them. The space of the boundary created by the white louver installed on the sphere of the building and the outside serves to reveal the point of contact with nature and to induce various relations and actions. In this space, the potential created by the fine lines and the depth between them is extended to the space. The devices of the louvers are giving strength to increase the potential of the space. It attempts to mix buildings and nature while creating a space that is not heavy and violent towards nature. View more View full description
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