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33 m² flat - a compact multifunctional flat by Studio Bazi. The project was commisioned by a client, a single man who wanted to update and transform the interior of the 33 square metre flat, so it was a place with all facilities to meet the modern human needs. The flat is located in a historic house in centre of Moscow. Precisely organised blocks including a kitchen and laundry, bookshelf, pull out wardrobe and storage, have been slotted into this apartment. The bookshelf is designed along the entire wall in a space between the kitchen block and the windows.  In order to leave the window free of any obstacle for opening, a deepening was made in the structure of the bookshelf at the intersection of the wall and the window. Thus, there is a place for hanging chairs for guests. Stainless steel legs are embedded in the structure of bookshelf to endure loads of its weight and books, as original walls had become old and tired and may not withstand loads. View more View full description
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