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The black sheep of all architectural drawing has got to be technical drawing. Everybody loves drawing perspectives, sketches —you know the creative, interesting and expressive part of architectural drawing. But what about the aspects of drawing: the technical, logical, rational part? It might not be as sexy as freehand drawing, but it is just as important. If you don’t know proper technical drawing skills it will show in your work; your perspectives will look ‘less smart’ and badly proportioned and your designs will lack consistency. So in order to make technical drawings look less cold and more approachable, I’m sharing the best 20 technical drawing tips I’ve come across. These technical drawing tips might destroy your preconceived notions regarding technical drawing, but they will help you befriend the beast (and also get a lot better at drawing axonometrics, sections, plans, and even descriptive geometry). So sit back, relax, and get a pen and paper to take notes. View more View full description
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