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AOR Architects, a young practice based in Helsinki, have won the commission to design Monio High School and Community Centre in Tuusula, Finland. The project explores an innovative use of timber log building and will be the largest timber log school building in the world after its completion. Consisting of a high school, music institute, and community college, AOR’s proposal combines these different programs in a multi-functional learning and community environment. In their design for the Monio High School and Community Centre, AOR Architects have applied contemporary wood construction to traditional building methods. The use of timber log construction creates a durable and environmentally friendly outcome, leading to decreased carbon emissions both in the construction stage and through the building’s lifespan. By generating an interesting textual quality in the façade and interior of the building, the use of timber log adds to both the architectural experience of the building as well as improving the acoustics and airflow by being an organic and breathable material. View more View full description
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