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Agronomy Campus Bella Vista: boarding house for an agricultural school in Bolivia / design and realizationThe design task was to develop an agronomy campus for the department of the recently founded agronomy faculty being part of the existing vocational school “Sayarinapaj” in Bella Vista, Bolivia. In the first phase 40 students under the direction of Prof. Pasel and his team designed and built in collaboration of interdisciplinary partners a school building, which has to serve approximately 75 students as a supportive learning environment for their agricultural studies. It was awarded with the SEED Award 2017 and the Heinze Awards. The extension of the campus was recently completed by the construction of a boarding school, equally designed and built by the team. The objective was to develop buildings that would not only meet the outstanding architectural requirements based on the incorporation of local building traditions and production methods, but that would also serve as a role model in terms of energy consumption, as well as water and waste management. View more View full description
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