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The goal of the Project is to promote the brand, create a space to expose the goods and the philosophy of a man´s wear brand with bigger ideals than sell their products. The remodeling of an old neighborhood store to a modern man´s wear store, that previously sold exclusively online. As a marketing strategy they wanted a street store that reflect their ideals, basic design, fare price and social sustainability. The project seeks trough an interesting composition of basic construction materials, get in to a design that is simultaneity simple, elegant and refined. Working with painted brick, wood, concrete, steel mesh; we got a design that fulfill the client´s wish, is related to the brand and call people who is walking down the street to get into the store.   To expose the clothes, we developed a system with wood profiles and steel pieces that assemble allowing the store to change and adapt following the needs of the season, not depending on other furniture that might interfere with the architecture. Taking all the pieces out is an option as the store might turn into a big room to receive paintings and pictures, as the building do not settle on selling clothes, but it is aimed to be a cultural and entertaining spot for the city, even have a multipurpose room for that objective. View more View full description
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