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DSGN (Design Student Global Network) officially launches its first international design competition! The winning proposal - an Innovation Hub development scheme for a rural community site in Bali, Indonesia - is to be built as part of the first series of international design workshops, beginning in early 2019. The center will then be used by the local community-based Five Pillar Foundation to collaborate and disseminate their skills classes for community development and social entrepreneurship.  Individuals or multidisciplinary teams of students, graduates and professionals can participate in this international design competition. “Mass tourism is stealing opportunities from rural areas, forcing income required migration and eroding culture in the process.” As international tourism becomes ever more prevalent in Bali, the opportunities it can offer those coming from rural areas are hard to ignore. As a result, west Bali, in particular, has seen a migration of young and talented members of its community to these more populous areas as many do not see any other viable options for work. This is an issue we wish to tackle by providing west Bali with certain systems and structures it requires to enable a more self-reliant future. We invite you to join us in questioning this trend and taking the first step in providing the support needed. View more View full description
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