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Site models: they are intriguing and playful things by nature, making you feel like a giant looking down on a city. These miniature neighborhoods, however, are often large and bulky and only suited for architecture schools or offices. Imagine being able to have a site model in your home or office. Microscape has launched a Kickstarter to produce 1:5000 scale models of America’s Windy City, Chicago. Over nine square-miles of Downtown Chicago will shrink into a 36”x36” grid, comprised of 36 smaller squares. Distinct Chicago icons such as the Bean, the Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier, the Hancock Tower, and, of course, all of Louis Sullivan's historic works are present at a miniature scale. Microscape uses precise aerial scanning and 3D printing process results to produce clean, highly detailed replicas of the city.  View more View full description
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