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From the architects. This building is a childhood fantasy of what a classroom should look like. It is supported by a central bamboo basket-like column with a skylight in the center. The building has no walls and the ‘door’ is a bamboo arch that acts as a threshold between the class and the outside world. 'The thing about Green School, especially in Kindergarten, is that you don't often have all the students sitting in rows looking at the teacher. So to have a tower in the middle, and having a circular space, it really works. They have a little storage corner, they have another play corner, they use the space in different ways. This classic, simple space still inspires us' says Elora hardy, IBUKU'S Founder & Creative Director. The general concept of the building revolves around its roof, which lowers to approx 1m - 1.5m height in its perimeter to avoid distractions during school hours. The central skylight allows this operation, by releasing the passage of light from above. View more View full description
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