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Two aspects of `Old city of Ordinary people` and `New big merchant City`This building is a rental building that has 6-stories RC construction in Osu, Nagoya.Although rental buildings tend to be affected by the degree of prosperity of the city, I think it can bring out its potential, which is city in microcosm. Since there are shrines and temples, traditional shopping street, vaudeville theater in Osu, daily life, commerce and entertainment are intermingled as a city of ordinary people. This site is also facing with a main street with highway and Sakae that is the central city of Nagoya. This site has two aspects of “Old city of Ordinary people” and “New big merchant City”. To take advantage of this trait of the city, I designed the architecture with two aspects. Various Scale Sensitivity and several types of business coexists in Rough Concrete ConstructionSince this architecture is located on the border between Sakae and Osu, the 1st and 2nd floor facing with the main street are for large scale one-room business space whose height of ceiling is 4.3m, hoping for customers from the lively cities. The 3rd-5th floors are typical floors with high flexibility space that can respond to various industry types by dividing one room into three. The top floor whose height of a part of ceiling is 5.4m is for atelier and it can also divided into three rooms as the typical floors. As all the floors, walls and ceilings are exposed concrete, the pipe arrangement, air conditioner and lighting are open piping. Rough Concrete Construction with deformed grid has the power that makes it possible to coexist with various kinds of interiors. View more View full description
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