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The project consists of a studio (40m2) and a duplex apartment (85m2) located in an old hollow tooth of a staircase street named Jonquilles. Conceived as the extension of a course starting at the foot of this street and ending on a roof terrace, it puts the inhabitant in permanent contact with its place. The project was also shaped around the strong constraints specific to the site : narrowness of the plot (less than 5 meters), sloping ground in a south-facing staircase street, difficulties in supplying the site. These constraints have guided the spatial but also technical choices : light and small materials, minimal excavation... all largely realized with man hands. The facade is characterized by a set of sliding shutters (wooden slats), present on all floors. These shutters designed for climatic reasons allow the inhabitant to transform his daily relationship to the street. The main metal frame that divides the façade is part of the general typology of adjacent facades’ drawings (brick lines, general levels of templates, scale) and masks, in this apparent simplicity, interior spaces’ complexities. View more View full description
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