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The rising interest in countryside houses is mostly linked to the attempt to balance the rushed city life and also to a desire for something authentic and traditional. But paradoxically this desired character of vernacular architecture is often removed by an overly precise reconstruction and standardized building solutions. Generally it is a challenge how to provide the current level of comfort and at the same time to preserve the original feel of the building. Furthermore, what if the former house must be almost all replaced due to its bad technical condition - does it make sense to repeat it and in what extent? At the end it's not so relevant to distinguish the old and new, the essential is the resulting mood of the whole... In this project we were searching answers by means of respect to the original building logic and traditional construction techniques. Our aim was to attain a natural feel instead of a perfect formal imitation. Natural and handcrafted materials like wood, stone and soil bring in an innate imperfection that becomes the main aspect of the project, considered since the beginning of the design process. View more View full description
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