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We understand that all architectural experience is multi-sensorial and embraces qualities of matter and not matter, of the closed and open space, of accurate or ambiguous space, of textures, reflections, of the human scale among others. We were interested in exploring processes where mass and light became the raw material for building a timeless container, which embraces a specific program and enters into direct communion with the site.  The decision to live on the beach for seasons, involved a series of approaches that discuss a way of life that transits between private and public, and make us wonder how to control that privacy and quiet without losing the concept of the spatial relationship between the interior and exterior, added to an extensive needs program. An exterior volumetry is generated as a respond of the structural pattern, a succession of exposed concrete porticos and carpentry, as it generates a dynamic sun and shadow rhythm. This decision generates verticality to the facade, and integrates the ground floor with uses of rest with the upper floor which houses the flexibility of social life, thus breaking with the horizontality of the piece of ground and neighboring houses.  View more View full description
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