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Have you ever seen an amazing house in an architecture magazine or a movie and been awestruck by its beauty, its location, or its simplicity? Be it Bilbo Baggins’ house in The Hobbit, or Tony Stark‘s stunning Malibu home in the Iron Man; be it the solitary Falling Water amidst nature by Frank Llyod Wright, or a house in a beautiful European town like Mykonos; there is a lot of great architecture when it comes to houses. The idea for the competition arose out of a simple discussion in an auto-rickshaw when two architects were discussing their ‘dream houses’. How it’d be, where it’d be, how big it’d be et al. That got me into thinking that a lot of people discuss their dream house but not everyone has the technical skills to present their ideas on paper. Luckily, we as architects do. But still, seldom it happens that we sketch or detail out our dream house. Maybe because we’re too busy with our lives that we do not get enough time to ponder over that thought of our dream house and there is never an opportunity to even think about it. And hence that HOUSE remains A DREAM. View more View full description
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