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House OM1 was conceived as a solution that balances two different concepts. Initially, there was a need to create a space where modern-day activities such as intimacy or leisure are sufficed. Another requirement was for the house to have an old-fashioned aesthetic where wood and stone were the main materials used. It stands out as a unique project from the ground up. The plot conditions were distinctive, it had a pronounced slope that culminated in cliffs several meters high. It was built one level below the street level and the entrance was designed as a stairway transitioning from the street noise to the quiet beauty of the house which is slowly revealed as one walks down. It was designed to be in constant contact with nature, with two patios and one garden that allow the users to be surrounded by nature. The first patio is placed along the entrance stairway; the second and most important is a patio placed at the center of the house, functioning as a nucleus that unifies the ground floor with the second floor. This central patio is brimming with vegetation, the rest of the house revolves naturally around it: the lining room, dining room, and kitchen; these spaces connect with the backyard also filled with vegetation, a deck, and a pool. View more View full description
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