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“Smart cities” are the latest urban phenomenon popping up across the globe. Among the newest being realized will be Union Point, a masterplan with a commitment to innovation located just south of Boston, USA. What is a “smart city?” It is a city in which embeds multiple data collection technologies within the city in hopes of providing a supportive and competitive advantage to the city’s residents and business. Officials then use this data to make their cities safer, healthier, and more efficient. Cities are not geniuses quite yet, but the “smart city” is rethinking the way cities are run. Union Point is the latest venture in intelligent cities. Developed by LStar Ventures, Elkus Manfredi Architects, and Sasaki Associates, the 1,500-acre masterplan aspires to combine active living with a “Smart City” design to offer the advantages of urban density in a livable environment. The majority of the existing site is empty, essentially allowing the team to start from scratch, providing unparalleled opportunity to define and develop an international example of a Smart City.  View more View full description
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