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The first thing one sees when approaching the building is a canyon-like space built with grey brick – robust and distinguished, yet inviting. As one steps inside the meandering gorge, it transforms into a functional core, a common restaurant space, that is the center of the building and its architectural highlight. The see-through, organically flowing space invites the visitors to wander into the building. Lehtikangas multifunctional building houses a school, a regional library and a kindergarten. The new building replaces a school that previously stood on the site and combines some of the other public functions of the area. Its architecture stems from the interplay between two rational halves divided by a free-form gorge-like opening. The library near the entrance supports independent information gathering.Visitors and Library goers are welcome into the public parts of the building as well – comfy sofas beguile visitors to linger for a while and study the collection at their leisure. North of the gorge is the primary and upper comprehensive schools. On the southern side are the kindergarten, auxiliary spaces, and facilities for physical education, as well as wood and metalworking shops. Combining and grouping the different educational units into an open, transformable and cellular structure supports the current Finnish pedagogical ideals. Light-coloured walls with birch detailing create the serene background needed for daily activities, such as different projects, presentations, and displays. View more View full description
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