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More and more, the kitchen is gaining importance in house design, in many cases serving as the center around which the rest of the spaces unfold. For this reason, this week we present a selection of 15 images of kitchens, from different parts of the world, which allow us to appreciate the variety of configurations, materials, and shapes now used in this important space. Read on to see the images of photographers including BoysPlayNice, Peter Bennetts, and Juane Sepulveda.  Koji Fujii / Nacasa & Partners Pit House / UID Architects Rena Lorenz House P / Yonder - Architektur Und Design BoysPlayNice Rusty House / OK PLAN ARCHITECTS Invy & Eric Ng Lucky Shophouse / CHANG Architects Toby Scott Naranga Avenue House / James Russell Architect Hiroshi Ueda Nest / UID Architects NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS View more View full description
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