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House is located in extraordinary place. Big, folded plot is surrounded with woods in protected area Natura 2000. Realization is an attempt to deal with archetypical form of pitched roof house with strong and beautiful context. Form House and garage are located in central part of the plot. Layout of two perpendicularly located buildings is a reference to typical rural development. House is located in such a way to provide the best sun exposure. House dimension is 27.2m x 6.2m and a height 5.4m. Symmetrical layout reflects life style of Clients. Function The owners of this house is a mature marriage whose four children have just moved out of an old, large family home. In order to avoid architectural obstacles, we decided to have a one-storey layout without any thresholds or stairs. The new home was supposed to be as small and compact as possible, making it energy efficient and economical. View more View full description
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