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Increasing the quality of indoor and outdoor spaces by mixing them together and reinforcing special quality is a result of the main idea of the project. The location of the project has a unique feature, attention to this feature was one of the design priorities. Placement of the project on the last floor of building with having space of the terraces and roof is equivalent to the closed space. The privileged position of the building in terms of its proximity to the urban spaces (Tehran's mosque, Mir-e-Jam Park) was excellent project feature. This position ensures the visibility and urban landscape forever. This great opportunity is the starting point of Fantoni office design. By extending interior space to the exterior and combining indoor and outdoor spaces we used potentials of the project in case of architecture design. The designing aim of this project is to form a transparent interior space using extensive panorama windows and to expand and intensify interior functions to the exterior via designing and developing the roof as a terrace. View more View full description
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