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A family weekend house, which will eventually become a place of retreat, located inside a garden of walnuts and coffee plantations where more than being able to look at the landscape, is immersed in it. A single floor with the social area linked to the main room and two separate bedrooms form the house program. On the other hand will be important the openings to the orchard. It is decided to live around a central courtyard and the spaces of the house arise concentric to it. The elliptical form with setbacks and extensions allow to configure the rooms. For the exterior walls, local stone is used to harmonize with the preexisting canvases, for the interior we use black block to divide interior spaces and confine the patio. Around the courtyard  it is a exterior corridor marked by the rhythm of the columns, which, in turn, serve as a support for the wooden frames that structure the roof. Concrete elements appear as grafts in the supporting walls as elements that limit, support and confine closings, windows and niches. View more View full description
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