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The project is constructed from reconstructing the old site of Qingyuan Primary School in Qingyuan Village, Tonglu County, Hangzhou. Two single-floor old school houses arrange simply in shape “L”; the other two sides are walls. The wooden framework and some purlins of school building have been in disrepair; We follow the design principle “repair and maintain the old”: dismantle old and relatively shabby tiles, roof battens and plank sheathings, retain, burnish, process and reinforce large wood beams and purlins, install new plank sheathings, roof battens and tiles. There are two stone walls with exquisite color and interesting texture which are bare because of the loss of lime plaster indoors. They are reserved as the background of audio and visual room. As for side corridor, the shabby purlins and roof boards are replaced by new wooden frameworks and customized hand-knitting curtain. The sense of order of new pillars and specific gray space feeling endow new expression to the old building in inner yard without losing the original style and memory. View more View full description
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