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This project is a house renovation with 35 years of age. It is a two-story wooden house located anywhere, consisted of finely divided rooms, according to the needs of the living at the time. I wanted to let the sun entering from the opening in the south spread throughout the room because I expected that the room would be left when three families lived, so I dismantled the walls separating the rooms.I was able to feel the freshness by removing the walls, making space, passing through light and wind, and at the same time, I felt coolness that I could not explain by looking at the existing beams and pillars hidden in the finish. The state where the expression of the tree is visible and the structure is exposed is seen as unfinished, but by cutting the finish it led to a simpler expression.Moreover, by rebuilding while harmonizing with the existing material, it became a design that can only be done by the renovation. View more View full description
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