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The University of Virginia’s School of Architecture Dean Ila Berman recently announced her intention to launch the NEXT CITIES INSTITUTE, an interdisciplinary design and research platform focused on the rapidly changing dynamics of global urban futures. With an aim to forecast and shape the vital urbanism of this century, the NEXT CITIES INSTITUTE will be a university-wide initiative, led by the School of Architecture and coalescing expertise throughout the University of Virginia, with partners in its Schools of Law, Leadership and Public Policy, Engineering, and Arts and Sciences. Dean Berman spoke about the NEXT CITIES INSTITUTE, its mission, and how it will transform the way students of architecture and its related fields will approach the design of future cities.  What is the NEXT CITIES INSTITUTE? The NEXT CITIES INSTITUTE is a dynamic platform for design, policy, and action focused on new forms of urban research. It is predicated on our commitment to how design operates as a tool to effectively reshape the world. It recognizes that cities are our largest collective cultural artifacts, and their strategic re-conception is crucial to our future. View more View full description
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