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The Portal House is conceived with the idea of creating multiple overlaps of personal and public domains catering to the idea of solitude as well as gathering.The residence is composed on the notions of “swastika”. The center holds ‘the house’ which is the heart of the residence and the four radiating arms orient the bedrooms or ‘cabanas’. The spaces in between this massing organization are the transitional spaces which define the essence of the overall experience by blurring boundaries between inside and outside. These spaces have been articulated uniquely as decked spaces, open dry courtyards, covered canopies, reflective pools, connecting pathways etc.  The access to the residence is celebrated through a six meter wide pedestrian ramp restricting the vehicular movement into the site. This ramp elicits the sense of distinctiveness and tranquility. The slow approach delays the sense of arrival and serves as a transitional zone between the hustle bustle of urban life and the calmness in solitude. Strategically aligned pigmented concrete landscape walls dictate the movement pattern within the residence in congruence with the position of the existing trees.  View more View full description
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