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As a response to the fast-paced city life, GrowMore is an urban gardening modular design with endless configurations to suit even the most unexpected of spaces. Designed by Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum, the modular building kit provides an opportunity for social interaction and locally grown vegetation, reminding people to pause and connect with nature. The vertical and horizontal construction components are connected in a pivotal joint. The pivotal joint allows all the elements to rotate; hereby making it possible to create endless 3D shaped designs from the same components – Sine Lindholm. The Danish duo plan to change our preconceptions of architecture by offering it at a human scale. By sharing the design open-source, anyone with access to a CNC machine can easily produce and assemble the 6 different plywood components into an array of ways to suit the specific context. GrowMore represents the maker-movement where flexible design in architecture is key for it to suit the individual maker. View more View full description
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