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Three M. Arch. candidates at Montana State University, Jonathan Chavez, Kimball Kaiser and Adam Shilling, won an Undergraduate Scholars Program research grant which they used to fund their design-build project: B.O.B., the Backyard Office Box. B.O.B. is a kit of parts which, when put together, create a 150-square-foot dwelling space. The design team, also known as Tr3s, wanted their project to be adaptable to a variety of sites and users. B.O.B. can function as an additional space to already existing projects or standalone as a temporary shelter.  The small-scale design is a simple 11-by-11 foot square further divided into a 3-by-3 grid. The structural grid allows for multiple wall panel configurations, depending on the user's needs. B.O.B.’s scissor jack feet allow it to maintain level structure on a variety of site surfaces.   View more View full description
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