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For many young architects, studying abroad is a life-changing event in their development as a designer. It opens their eyes to a different culture, style, and history in a manner that no books or classes could explain. For that reason, architecture schools have been making study abroad easier and more ingrained in their curriculum. In addition to the study abroad opportunities offered by universities, there are many opportunities for students and recent graduates to travel and explore their own topic of study. Below is a list of 7 amazing grants and scholarships open to young architects and students: Rotch Travelling Scholarship The Rotch Travelling Scholarship is for individuals who want to travel the world studying architecture. To receive this award, you must compete in a 2-stage architecture competition. The winner is awarded a substantial travel stipend to travel and study abroad for at least 6 months. The study topic and itinerary are at the winner’s discretion. View more View full description
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