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Reconstruction of the spiritual home: the design of a resettlement primary school Xiashan Primary School is located in Lingfeng area, Anji County, Zhejiang Province. The total land area of the school is about 20,000㎡. The construction area of the school is about 10,000㎡. The school consists of 18 classes with corresponding supporting functions, which is to replace the existing temporary school buildings and to accept the children whose parents are the residents in resettlement residential area. Because of its near the main road with heavy traffic and be surrounded by extensive resettlement residential area, the environment around the school is relatively messy. Besides, narrow construction land results in very limited space for the main building, especially after arranging the required outdoor space. So how to design a school with function and space conforming to children's characteristics in this narrow space may be a core issues that an architect should consider. View more View full description
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