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Initial Situation The cemetery building no longer satisfied the requirements for interfaith use. The perimeter of the new hall for public viewings and funeral services was limited by existing areas for graves and urns, and demanded a sacral interpretation together with a suitable atmosphere. Concept The new location of the building in the southwest corner of the parcel strengthens the spatial relationship to the chapel and its perception within the complex. The power and significance of the number 3 constitutes the basis of the conceptual approach. The vertical and horizontal design of the new building, consisting of three elements, is also rigorously applied in its materialization. Implementation Acting as connecting elements between heaven and earth, the base and roof are designed with a smooth formwork surface. Granulated concrete façades stretch between them. The external materiality creates a connection to the interior, and guides visitors. The public viewing romos create a dialectical break from the external experience. The warm, natural character of the wood and the new dimensions and proportions create a dense and intimate atmosphere. View more View full description
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