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We were asked to thoroughly renovate an original Dutch farmhouse from 1831 in Oudebildtzijl. The clients wish was to enlarge the front house with a significant part of the old stables. The size and height of the stables gave us great tools to work with. The interior of the existing house and a sizable part of the barn has been completely stripped and rebuilt. Many valuable characteristic elements of the original farm have been given a prominent place in the new design. For example, the ancient beams remained visible and the old cabinet doors have been reused. The roof windows provide a beautiful light in the kitchen and the entrance. The views to the high roof and the contrast of stucco, steel, and glass with the existing old elements give a great spaciousness and character to the house. In the living-kitchen large glass sliding doors have been placed in the facade which brings the landscape inside. The voids, the steel doors with glass and the beautiful open staircase connect the different living spaces to each other and provide great views. View more View full description
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