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The campsite is located in Lare Village, Ranwu Lake. Its north is the winding G318, and its south is the dreamland Ranwu Lake. The campsite is the best spot for self-drive travelers to stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ranwu Lake.  The campsite is high in the north and low in the south, with maximum altitude difference of 13 meters. The terrain slopes gently and is broad with a spectacular field of view. There are green grass and ancient trees beside the lake, green pine trees and azalea flowers on the mountainside, and blue sky and floating clouds above the mountains. There are comprehensive travel services at the campsite, such as travel information center, service management center, simple snack, Chinese food, coffee, 24-hour convenience store, Tibetan medical culture exhibition center, Tibetan specialty exhibition and sales center, high-end holiday hotel, bar, tea bar, BBQ buffet, medical assistance center, star-rated bathroom facilities, vehicle repair, tent camping, recreational vehicle (RV) camping, children’s forest park, view platform and waterside terrace. View more View full description
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