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This project is born from the quest to put into practice four essential principles of architecture: Functionality / Efficiency in the use of resources / Correct use of passive energies and / The recognition of the place, as a comprehension of a territory and a culture. Recognition of the site: Morphologically the project appears as a volume with two distinct expressions; a small shed, hermetic and closed to the outside access space, so that only once from the interior of the house, there is a re encounter with the place, through a glazed facade, in the form of a curtain wall, from floor to ceiling, which highlights the beauty of the place as a whole. Functionality: The house is thought from the optimization of the square meters, the comfort and privacy of the enclosures. For the latter, the two bedrooms were located at the two ends of the house, as inhabited poles, retaining their privacy with the rest of the house. View more View full description
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