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From the team. Private Sezin School Open Roof Space is a ‘beyond-classroom’ pedagogical space with a spatially hybrid program that fosters meeting, making, learning and working. The key question in this project was how ATÖLYE could transform a progressive K12 school towards a pedagogical laboratory for 21st century skills. To this end, borrowing from Fuller’s trimtab concept, the project intervened in a lightweight yet effective manner and chose the formerly dormant empty rooftop space of the existing building, measured at approximately 1,700 m2 within 15,000 m2. This scale difference allowed for experimentation while offering sufficient room for a critically diverse program. ATÖLYE team first developed a strategic spatial program for Sezin Schools, which included an unusually large teachers’ zone, a flexible events venue, a public meeting room dedicated to educational NGOs to foster partnerships, a makerlab with three sections (media lab, wood shop, bio lab) and small lounge booths for comfortable parent-teacher dialogue. Such strategic programming ensured that the outcome would be novel independent from formal design elements. Furthermore, the layout and proximity of these different zones were informed by parameters such as need for daylight, visual privacy, acoustic isolation and persona-based circulation paths. View more View full description
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