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I am the space where I am. Space is what I do of it. We must develop an open kitchen restaurant, capable of hosting a collection of "basic tools" and that only occupy a total area of forty square meters. We understand that the project is reduced to organize, storing that set of objects and tools, an inventory that is completed with the rest of pieces needed in the restaurant. As if our space were a warehouse, we built a shelf that will take care of giving a specific place to each object. Different parts of the shelves appear as well as objects find their proper place and space of the room is structured as if it were another element of our equation. The shelf becomes an element that stores and organizes, but is also capable of filtering the information that the client receives. Absolute knowledge makes us disenchanted, so we produce an open kitchen with different levels of exposure to the public. The objects and the shelf act as a filter, hiding and showing the action. View more View full description
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