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Dmytro Aranchii Architects have started construction on a large interactive green roof in Kyiv, Ukraine. Called the Signature Garden, the 6000 square meter park sits on top of a shopping center and provides a space for visitors to dine, play, and enjoy both vegetation and water features.  Located in downtown Kyiv, the Signature Garden ties together the commercial program of the space below and the two residential towers above, providing playgrounds, a restaurant, and ample space to enjoy the greenery. A shallow pool acts as an urban pond, letting people get their feet wet in the summer. The plaza introduces a variety of vegetation to the dense urban area in lines called “Van Gogh strokes” for their dynamic shape, suggestive of movement. Additional strips of plants were added to the perimeter of the residential towers to help cool temperature in the warmer months. The landscaping includes plants such as cotoneasters, birch trees, and perennials that were chosen for the Ukrainian continental climate. View more View full description
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