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„…it is good for us to be here…” //Mark 9:5// There is a tabernacle stands in the glade made of wood. Some grazing horses are around. There are a shrine with three stools under the roof. A place for liturgy. Its antitype is a wayside shrine or a barocque triangular covering. It is almost a chapel, but a church. Sancuary of the glade where people gather wearing khakis outfit. Some are carrying horn, antlers while others are decorating as the Saint Hubertus celebration has begun… It is a private company. The Hunters - I mean. Keepers of an ancient tradicion. The ritual of chasing and kill for living. So its place is far from settlements. …a tune of a bell beat the air finishing the preparation. It is much too small in size compare to its sound. The only temporary adornment of the sacred space. The triangular santcuary opens towards the audiance, but unclosed in the back focus to infinity. Furniture are gone by the end of the day and horses can re-enter the field. There is a tabernacle stands alone in the glade framing by the silence of a primeval forest.  View more View full description
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