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Two teams have been announced as the finalists of a competition to rebuild Norway’s government headquarters after it was bombed in 2011 during the country’s worst terrorist attack in modern history. The state building agency Statsbygg selected G8+, comprised of A-Lab and LPO Architects, and Team Urbis, which includes the firms Haptic and Nordic, out of a group of seven teams to create a safe, inviting hub of ministry buildings for central Oslo. The 150,000 square-meter complex will be one of the largest architectural undertakings in the city’s history, offering around 5,700 workplaces. The revitalization encompasses a renovation of three existing buildings and the addition of six new buildings to the historic Regjeringskvartalet area. The proposal by Team Urbis focuses on the reintroduction of public spaces into the city through two urban squares and a park. To provide flexible workspaces, the buildings are low-rise and have large footprints. The buildings feature setbacks formed to take advantage of sunlight. The team was comprised of engineering firm Ramboll, SLA and Bjørbekk & Lindheim landscape studios, and consultants Asplan Viak, COWI, Aas-Jacobsen, Per Rasmussen, Scenario and NIKU. View more View full description
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