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The project consists of a single family house on a 5000 m2 plot within a condominium in the municipal district of Olmué.  The site is located on the slopes of a mountain range that borders the Pelumpen River, in a native forest area near La Campana National Park, in the middle of the coastal mountains. The relief of the terrain presents a double condition as it is a flat terrain cut abruptly by a steep slope of approximately 14 meters in height. The project, a one story square shaped house, capitalizes this natural balcony condition by being emplaced in the edge of it, allowing the terrace to be suspended over the sloap and the top of the trees, looking out towards the Olmué basin. The east facade, where the main access is located, was thought as a double skin. A wooden lattice with different levels of transparency hides the service area and one of the bathrooms. View more View full description
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