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Faber Industrie Spa are world leading manufacturers of steel cylinders.Their new headquarters are located at a boundary between an industrial area and farmland, and hence belong to both, the industrial and the natural landscape. The aim of the project is to interface both landscapes and acknowledge their different qualities and values. Two VolumesThe volume of the building is designed to “bring the two landscapes inside”, and integrate them in the new spaces. The building consists of two shifted longitudinal volumes linked by an entrance hall. Two Open CourtyardsAs a result, two “internal” open spaces are created, and controlled by views over the building and over the two landscapes. The designers here worked to obtain a reduced scale, i.e. the human scale, as opposed to the large-scale industrial area. While one courtyard is “hard”, lined with trees and conceived as a living area, the other courtyard is “soft”, entirely green and free, with an open visual depth eastwards, facing the manufacturing facilities and the mountains towards the Slovenian border. View more View full description
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