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The building is located in Kaliningrad region in old German town which was seriously damaged during World War II. In an empty place adjacent to the railroad a modern plant of cognac production was built. Our task was a warehouse building project which apart from its main function - storing cognac tierces – would serve as a place of meetings and communication, guests reception as well as a symbol of creation and rebirth, demonstrating the role of the plant in the city life. The applied while considering all the parts of the project has led us to creation of an extremely symbolical architectural ensemble. Starting with the notion that the initial material cognac manufacturing deals with is a grapevine (a most mystical image in Christian symbols, embodying the sense of Tree of Life as well as Eucharist and Paradise (Holly Fire)) and wine (Divine Blood), — we decided to place the form under the authority of literary symbols, which are to create the images of harmonious interaction of various symbols and signs, sometimes opposite and antagonistic, but making stable pairs, giving rise to a new symbol. View more View full description
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