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MVDRV and SDK Vastgoed (VolkerWessels) have been selected as winners in a competition to design a “progressive residential development” in inner-city Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Known as “Nieuw Bergen”, the complex will offer high-quality, sustainable residences along Deken van Someren Street, helping to establish a “visible sustainability ethos” in the neighborhood of Bergen. The structure derives its form from datum planes drawn at a 45 degree angle from the footprint of neighboring residential buildings – a move that both allows an abundance of natural light to reach even ground floor spaces and creates an irregular, jagged profile that refers to the silhouettes of traditional pitched roofs. Embracing environmental-driven design, the complex has been designed with passive sustainable strategies, while solar panels take advantage of the oblique roof planes to optimally orient toward the sun. This concept is an evolution of the urban strategy tool MVRDV has been developing in recent projects including the currently-under-construction Ilot Queyries residential development in Bordeaux. View more View full description
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