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The site for this project was selected at the top floor and the penthouse of an existing industrial building located at the outer rim of Shenzhen city, and it was renovated into a co-working space that consisted of fifteen office rooms, individuals’ dedicated desks, and a series of shared spaces including meeting rooms, drink bars, and lounges. Working scenes are often depicted as the image that people sitting in front of repetitive desks in an abstract office room. We don’t support this image that simply represented the transient state of commodified office space, but propose an alternative image of working with a unique office environment specific to each site context. The site of this project had common conditions of industrial buildings, simple expansion of a floor with regular arrangement of columns; but it also had a peculiarity in its shape, which was the length of 120m in sharp contrast to the depth of only 15m. The linearity was a strong character of the site that could make this project unique, but it also required a careful consideration of how to design a circulation path over the site while providing an enjoyable spatial experience without being too dull. This question was answered by the design of the main circulation path that looked like a landscaped street in a city. A variety of spatial settings were proposed and put together like a collage along the path, and its spatial complexity brought about enjoyable experience of wandering around. View more View full description
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