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To replace demolish the small, old build a new training center will be better suited to the purpose of training. It was launched with the following goals: 1. Take advantage of the superior natural environment of Gonjiam. 2. Overcome the limited size of the actual site available for building within the boundaries of the site. 3. Address the problem of visual interference with the existing training center accommodation building and the cramped nature of the landscape. 4. Improve the recognizability of the facade of the training center that has been reduced by the existing trees (metasequoia). The main goal of the project was to create a single place in harmony with the surroundings while reflecting the above four issues. In other words, the project aimed to avoid "exaggerated forms" and "showy interiors" which are usually found in other training centers, and create a place in which trainees can communicate with one another in a forest by encompassing the surrounding forest. View more View full description
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