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Although we’re conditioned to buy most of our furniture in one piece, or at least have it ready-to-build IKEA-style, there’s something special about creating something from scratch. Building something from its raw materials lets you see its journey from start to finish, with you learning about the craft it along the way, whether by yourself or with friends. The team at ArchDaily is sharing our very own built Tiki Bar – complete with instructions. Read on for some summer nostalgia you can build in your own backyard through a step by step Tiki DIY guide: Materials you will need: Structural:2 x (2400 x 1200 x 15mm) sheets of PlywoodRoughly 30 meters of 90 x 45mm exterior treated timber14 lengths of rough sawn 20 x 50 x 1400mm timber90mm galvanized or stainless Framing nails (roughly 40)28mm exterior screws (roughly 50)50mm exterior screws (roughly 10)Wood Glue View more View full description
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