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After a construction period of only 30 days, the new school refectory for Amatrice has been realized, thanks to the fundraising organized by Corriere della Sera and TgLa7 with the initiative “Un aiuto subito”. The school refectory, designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti, has been conceived as a multifunctional space for Amatrice’s children and it will become a gathering point for the local community, where people can meet, play and, maybe, stop for a while and look at the Sibillini Mountains, framed by the wide window in the main hall.  It’s only a first, small, step towards the recostruction of a completely destroyed territory, but it’s also the tangible sign that building with high quality and great attention can go together, even in Italy, with a significant reduction of costs and time.  On one side, it’s really important that such a result has been achieved in a short period of time, because to give a prompt answer to the reconstruction emergency was a priority for all the professionals involved in the project. On the other side, the commitment with Amatrice has only just begun: Stefano Boeri Architetti, together with Innova FVG, is already working on the second stage of the project “Amate Amatrice. Besides the wooden refectory, the project includes a food hub that will host eight of the historic restaurants in Amatrice, destroyed by the earthquake.  The restaurants, that will be built with wooden prefabricated structures, together with the refectory will give again, a workplace to more than 130 people that, before the tragic earthquake of last August, worked in the restaurant field. Around the refectory, a new public space will take shape. It’s a new square for Amatrice, where people can meet and stay together. It’s a place where to taste the local specialities, in order to give new force to the food tourism and to the economy of the all territory. It’s also a starting point, to re-discover the identity of a town that has lost in a few seconds hundreds of lives and centuries of memories, but that is now ready to build again, piece by piece, its own rebirth.  View more View full description
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