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The geometric design of the 'Protostar Pavilion' for the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a morphological response associated with the iconic brand logo: a three-pointed star. The project is a removable metal pavilion, made up of a series of folded aluminum plates that besides generating a light structure, allow for a quick and easy construction.  Description from the Architects. The Protostar Pavilion is in its constant state of metamorphosis and is presented in a specific instance frozen in time. The design process itself challenges the conventional thinking of materials and their properties. The process embraces high-end digital design and fabrication tools from the concept design to prototyping and fabrication stage.  During the installation process, the fabrication team utilized the ease of material and technology as an advantage in terms of assembly and structuring. The folded aluminum plates and flaps act as an integral part of the structural system and also enable several connection points for the assembly.  View more View full description
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