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The siteThe land is situated close to a small village in the East Cantons. It runs at a steep gradient into a small valley enclosed by a wooded slope in the distance. The view is spectacular, showcasing a rural landscape. The visual and ecological quality of the site must be preserved and developed as far as possible. The intentionThe aim is to build a house that is environmentally friendly in the broad sense of the term. The architectural intention, in particular, is to integrate the house in the best way pos- sible, not only into the landscape – with minimum visual impact – but also into the rural and local environment. The positionThe single-storey house is built at the back of the lot. From its position on the slope, it blends in with the landscape. Indeed, the top of the property is almost three metres be- low the communal path meaning that the view for walk- ers and existing or future neighbours is not obstructed by the house. View more View full description
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