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For its historical, cultural and affective importance to Rio’s inhabitants, the respect towards the natural monument that is the Sugar Loaf was key to the design. The built canopy is light, transparent and harmonically connected to the context, which is a protagonist in that scenario. Before the intervention, the loading and unloading of passengers and visitors was made under ordinary plastic tents that compromised the spatial and visual quality of the landscape, and had the sense of something temporary. The proposal aims to enhance the touristic activity and create a friendlier and interesting public space, organizing the pedestrian and vehicle flows throughout the site. The square accommodates visitors with a series of benches, bicycle racks and plenty of light at nighttime, as well as a system of electric plugs that allow events to happen in the public environment. Access to the cable car is made by the grid-shaped canopy, built with glued laminated timber, also called glulam, bringing comfort, shade and ease to tourists on highly demanded days View more View full description
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